Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Under the Gift Aid scheme, UK charities can claim back the basic rate tax already paid on gifts of money received from individuals who pay or have paid UK tax.

The scheme also allows UK companies to make gifts of money to charity before any tax is deducted.

In practice, this means that for every pound you give, we will receive an extra 25p from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). (What a splendid thought that is )

For higher rate taxpayers there is the added advantage that you can reclaim tax for yourself by entering details of your gift aid donations on your tax self-assessment form.

You can donate using Gift Aid if the amount of tax you have paid (in the tax year of the donation) is sufficient to cover the amount of tax all of the charities you have donated to during the tax year will reclaim against the donations.  The tax paid by the donor may be income tax, capital gains tax or tax credits on UK company dividends.

Tax years start on 6 April and run until 5 April the following year.


Gift aid – how it works; the HM Revenue and Customs considerations.

To download a Gift Aid Declaration form, go directly to the HMRC website here

My Donate is also involved in the gift aid scheme (we have applied for the necessary exemptions etc) so you will soon be able to donate directly through them as well. Simply go to this page and enter “20-20 Voice” Cancer and we will pop up at the top of the list. You will then have a simple choice to either View your profile & events or simply Donate Now. That’s how simple it really is.

If you choose the former option you will see this appear, so you will have a choice of what you want to do: fancy starting your own fundraiser? or just sponsoring someone who is already doing a fundraiser – the choice is yours.

How you can help us

Start fundraising – Create a fundraising page and collect donations online for this charity


Sponsor a fundraiser who is raising money for this charity

Donate to this charity

Don’t forget folks, we have the links on the front page too so you cannot go wrong-make that donation now and know that you are making someone’s life a whole heap better!

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