Donation Sites

Donation Sites

Hi there, folks, we have good news for you all. Now that we are finally registered with the Charities Commission (Reg No: 1156733) we can now advertise the “Charity Donation” website that we will be registering with and also that you can donate through. By doing so your £10, £20, £50, is increased by them as they do earn a small percentage out of ‘bumping up’ donations for charitable causes. The links will be here as well as on the front page of our website.

My donate – We are in business folks!

MyDonate £12.35 to charity per £10 donation with Gift Aid. More info

WE DO NOT USE any other charitable website as they all seem to have charges that be incurred by whoever uses their facilities. I’m talking about ‘set-up‘ fees and/or ‘monthly’ charges, which of course we want to save for the vital equipment we are buying for our ENT Cancer Departments, therefore any event you fancy taking on/setting up to raise money for “20-20 Voice” Cancer, simply log onto MyDonate and set it all up so that your friends, family, workmates, etc can contribute quickly & simply.

Anyone can donate directly to the Chairman’s own MyDonate page, which is linked directly to the charity bank account.

So folks, there you go, you now know how to make YOUR precious donation even more precious. Whichever charity event you choose, you can be sure that you are always helping us with every penny available making our work that little bit easier.

By Post:  Simply send your cheque (payable to “20-20 Voice” Cancer) to “20-20 Voice” Cancer, 37, Windley Road, Leicester. LE2 6QX. You can also send cash if you wish and we will happily send you a receipt for your generous donations.

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